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MaPop Fishing is the creation of CEO/President Grandy Van Lo. Doing more for the fishing community and small businesses is the motto.  This is something that is quite unique, and completely opposite of our business concepts today. We are giving a platform for small businesses to show their products along with their story behind these products. MaPop Fishing will help reach out to the consumers and help portray those stories and the love that these small business owners have for their products and the fishing community. You can help support these small business by buying exclusive products from these vendors along with visiting their current websites. MaPop Fishing will help these businesses promote with leading edge product knowledge, up to date changes and materials with: Vlogs, Instructional Videos, Interviews, new product updates, testimonials, product demonstration, but the main component…their voice.

Grandy Van Lo is a 39 year old entrepreneur who has been in love with fishing for over 30+ years. His love for fishing and vision to help small businesses has been the forefront of this business endeavor. He wants to give a platform for these small businesses to reach out and tell their company stories, their love for fishing, and the behind the scenes of their products. He is fully invested in doing whatever he can to help promote and increase visibility of these small business. Please reach out to him as he has an open contact policy and he loves just to talk fishing!