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During the middle of the summer of 2018 I bought a starter fly-tying kit in effort to start tying my own streamers and flies for my budding addiction of fly fishing for smallmouth and panfish. After my first week of tying and using my own flies, I was hooked. There is something addicting about crafting your own bait and using it to fool fish. It rendered my collection of store-bough flies useless as I only wanted to use my own. That’s when the idea of selling my own creations started. I saw an opportunity to design my own patterns and allow the customer to pick their own colors to create a one-of–a-kind. Over time I meticulously designed a catalog of baits from ice-fishing jigs, trout flies, and open water baits, for conventional, fly, and ice fisherman alike. All designs encountered plenty of trial and error, but thanks to that process, I am proud of what I put together. As I am a small-batch custom bait maker, I am able to craft each individual bait with supreme accuracy and durability. I do not send a bait out of the door unless it is perfect. That is why my personal tackle box is filled with so many of my own baits, the “rejects” fish just as well as the ones I actually ship! Feel free to browse my selection and ask me any questions you may have. If you have any custom requests just let me know! Buy some today and see the difference a hand-tied, custom jig can have on your fishing!


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